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Meet Kris

Certified Life Coach

I am a growth-minded professional who knows first-hand the trials and obstacles of building a life you absolutely love.  I found myself reflecting on where I was in life and what I really wanted my life to look like now.  After taking some time to focus on what mattered, I discovered that I wanted to make some changes that better suited me.  I left a marriage that no longer worked and re-established myself as a strong, self-reliant, joyful, & confident woman who was emotionally available and ready to reconnect with people who brought meaning and happiness to my life. I deepened my purpose by studying & getting certified at the highly respected Coach Training Alliance and then opening my own life coaching business in tandem with my other long established business.  This change brought to the forefront my innate skill and desire to help others in a thoughtful, educated, and targeted way.  I also began to eat healthier & exercising more; even running 5Ks (while still having time for some black raspberry ice cream once in a while too!).  I made adjustments with time management and maximizing my energy; balancing productivity with relaxing & unwinding.  I shifted my mindset & explored what I truly wanted in life & pushed myself outside of my comfort zone in a challenging but wonderful way,  allowing me to open up new possibilities & successes.  This all culminated into me slowly evolving into the person that I loved being everyday and creating a lifestyle that supported my deeper purpose and happiness. 

My effort to make these changes and strengthen the things in my life that I truly wanted propelled me to where I am today and doing what I am meant to do:  helping people like you establish positive mindsets, supportive habits, & intentional routines to develop a lifestyle that you love.  Take the first step toward building a life you love by booking a complimentary session with me today.

Kris McCarthy Certified Midlife Life Coach
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